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Microsoft Office applications are probably the most used products in the office's everyday life. The size of the company does not matter. In some teams, there are 2 users - and in others 20.000.

But one thing unites us. We love our Microsoft products. A nice Excel sheet with countless formulas. A Word document for a manual that doesn't lose its structure even when a new chapter comes in. Your sales team loves PowerPoint because they can crown a vast presentation with a product shot or corporate image on the last page. Even the mother-in-law's birthday finds a place in our Outlook calendar.

But you definitely need more content than that.
Content is usually located in different sources. And you have to find your way through this jungle. DAM here, PIM there, cloud storage and stock providers...

One simple access to your content

The CI HUB Connector empowers you to find your inspiration and the content you need within your app. No window hopping, no jumping back and forth, no wasted time.

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Connect to 60+ best in class DAM, PIM, Cloud Storage, and Stock Providers

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